Why Everybody in Islington is Going Mad About These Cleaners?

You know that feeling when you find something you have been looking for for so long. The perfect lip color, the cheapest flight ticket possible, the trendy car, that dress that fits you perfectly, that suit that fits you perfectly, that coffee table that seems amazing in the middle of your living room, the perfect size of frame for your new collage, the perfect scent of candles for the upcoming season, the most accurate size of jeans and the most comfortable jeans ever, that phone charger that works more than a month, that mug that describes your whole personality, the best perfume ever that you could wear with every mood of yours, and so on and on. It could be something minute and it could be something major. It doesn’t matter. The idea is that when you find it, you are in the seventh heaven. It is all you have been looking for. It is fabulous, splendid, perfect. You cannot be more joyful and you cannot wait to tell everybody about it.chimney-sweeper-158077_960_720

This is the case with the cleaning team that recently arrived in Islington. It is everything people were looking for, without even realizing they were looking for. And now as they saw what a really good, efficient and responsible team could do and when they noticed the drastic difference in the final results, they are getting mad, always talking about the cleaners, always praising them and step by step falling in love with every service they offer. And if you haven’t heard about the cleaners yet, you have lost trend and are most probably too antisocial. Now check the team online and then go outside so as to understand that everything these cleaners promise, they later deliver. It is not just a cleaning. It is perfection.

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Focus, Details, Precision – the Key for Your Best Essay

If there should be one thing you never expected from college, this is surely the great necessity of good writing skills. And to be honest, before you got in college, you most probably believed that you could write pretty well. All those five-paragraph essays and random narratives were so facile for you, that you even had the feeling that you could be a journalist, a writer. And then you got in that hell, where nothing is that easy. Then you got there and you were supposed to write 6 or 7-pages long essays and you were out of breath, shocked and confused. How, why, what? In your freshman year this is surely a great surprise, an unpleasant one, as well. And not only that the essays were longer and that there were many of them, but the requirements were on a whole new level. You were not supposed to write a grammatically correct text with some meaning, but you were supposed to be creative and to craft a unique text that is something like a piece of art. However, no matter how hard it may seem, it is not impossible, I promise. You only need to know what to write and most importantly how to write it. And here are the basic techniques.


Have a focus

No matter what your topic is, you have to stick to it. One of the most annoying mistakes in one’s essay is the lack of focus. You start reading and right after your attention has been grabbed, the essay starts being just a random bunch of words gathered together for no reason and you are getting distracted and lose desire to keep reading. So always keep on mind your focus and while proofreading remove everything that has no role in this text.

Be specific