Who saves more – men or women?

Image of husband and wife

Husband and wife

When it comes to our personal finances, everyone is of the opinion that he is trying to manage them in the best possible way at the moment. When it comes to spending and saving money, disputes often arise in one connection. The stereotype is that women are more prone to spending because of their shopping tendencies – clothes, cosmetics, home-based items. On the other hand, the representatives of the gentleman would say that, on the other hand, the expenses of the men are bigger and their “toys” are more expensive.


But what does the statistics show? Although it varies from country to country, from income to local order, the findings are often similar: Women save more as a percentage of income but still have less savings than men. Why is it so?

Men earn more and even take a smaller share of what they earn as opposed to women who often get lower wages.

At the same time, however, women are more likely to think about the future and set aside for a number of reasons including:

  • Usually women take care of the household and along with the family budget and make it responsible.
  • Generally, they have less time in their lives – both as retirement age and because they have maternity periods. Which again forces them to save.
  • But the other is true – women are more likely to shop impulsively but spend less than an average man.

Such surveys are mostly done in countries where the amount of the retirement depends on the personal ability to save.

Can you be patient

Here’s another tip: When a purchase is definitely not an emergency and you can be patient a little longer, to possess it, you better wait for discount or save money. Conversely, sometimes promotions are definitely worth it and it’s much more profitable to buy at the moment. If you do not have money now, you can take advantage of the emergency loans.

Do you think about what to spend for and for what not? This article can help you to figure out it.

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