Focus, Details, Precision – the Key for Your Best Essay

If there should be one thing you never expected from college, this is surely the great necessity of good writing skills. And to be honest, before you got in college, you most probably believed that you could write pretty well. All those five-paragraph essays and random narratives were so facile for you, that you even had the feeling that you could be a journalist, a writer. And then you got in that hell, where nothing is that easy. Then you got there and you were supposed to write 6 or 7-pages long essays and you were out of breath, shocked and confused. How, why, what? In your freshman year this is surely a great surprise, an unpleasant one, as well. And not only that the essays were longer and that there were many of them, but the requirements were on a whole new level. You were not supposed to write a grammatically correct text with some meaning, but you were supposed to be creative and to craft a unique text that is something like a piece of art. However, no matter how hard it may seem, it is not impossible, I promise. You only need to know what to write and most importantly how to write it. And here are the basic techniques.


Have a focus

No matter what your topic is, you have to stick to it. One of the most annoying mistakes in one’s essay is the lack of focus. You start reading and right after your attention has been grabbed, the essay starts being just a random bunch of words gathered together for no reason and you are getting distracted and lose desire to keep reading. So always keep on mind your focus and while proofreading remove everything that has no role in this text.

Be specific

Now as long as you have focus and your essay is grammatically and punctually correct, you have achieved some middle level of success. However, your writing is most probably nothing outstanding and with this essay you will be one in the crowd. But if you are specific, if you are using concrete and vivid details and you are developing the story or your claims in a way that your readers are intrigued and undoubtedly want to read page after page, then your essay is extraordinary. You shall be specific, but you have to say something that the others don’t. You won’t win the audience with clichés and all-known ideas, but with imagination and inspiration.

Be precise

Every excellent essay is a pleasure for a reader. It is like a piece of cake with a cup of coffee after a long day spent working, it is pure satisfaction, being able to read a well-written text. So be precise. Make sure that there won’t be any mistakes, that your essay will be fascinating and that there won’t be a part that is too boring and will make him want to leave that essay. Be you.