Writing an Extraordinary College Essay could be that Simple

Staring at the blank page won’t lead to a great essay. But it may lead to a great idea. Every author has experienced that moment, when he had a deadline and a blank piece of paper, but nothing to write, to say, to share. And after that, after two mugs of coffee, a glass of wine or whatever inspires you, the words started coming in mind and it felt that this text is being written by itself. Every extraordinary story is born this way, but “inspiration doesn’t work, unless you do”.writing-828911_960_720

So take a pen and start writing everything connected with your field that comes to your mind. Think, re-think. Develop your ideas by asking yourself question. Be specific, find proves. Brainstorming is your saviour. Write notes, get a notebook and write every idea, no matter if you are in the train, if you are having afternoon tea with a bunch of friends or you are reading a book home alone. Know that the honesty and the creativity have to be balanced. Keep your topic on mind all the time. And while you are walking to classes, think of something unique that may improve your essay remarkably.

And then choose a day, choose time, when you are free and nothing disturbs you. Get your notes and start writing. Write a lot, write more that it is needed, without paying attention to the grammar or the spelling. Write it all, write everything that you mean. And then leave it. Don’t go back to that essay in the next couple of hours. And when you start proof-reading it thereafter, do it from another perspective. Find the thing that can be improved and change them. Now strive for greatness, for uniqueness, for perfection. And never forget that this essay is a reflection of yourself.

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